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Media Appearances

CBC Radio 1

(2024, April 23). Sniffing out AI -AI-assisted writing in schools (by Majula Selvarajah) on CBC Radio 1.

MacLean’s Magazine

(2024, March 21). MacLean’s magazine (by Ms. Tamar Satov) on the detection flaws of AI-generated text by human beings and its impact on admissions.

Kumar, R. (2023, November). The university essay will die out. Maclean’s: The Age of AI and the Future of Humanity (Special Issue), 136(9), 43.

The Economist

(2024, February 01). The Economist magazine, under the Science and Technology section about the AI detection problem.

Toronto Life

(2023, August 16). Toronto Life Magazine (by Mr. Simon Lewsen) on the role of GenAI in PSE.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

(2023, May 25). The Chronicle of Higher Education (by Ms. Beth McMurtrie) on faculty use of AI to grade student papers.

Inside Higher Ed

(2023, April 03). Quoted in the Inside Higher Ed (by Mr. Liam Knox) on using Turnitin’s feature of detecting AI written submissions.

The Globe and Mail

(2023, February 01). Interview excerpts featured in The Globe and Mail (by Mr. Joe Friesen) on the empirical research results of artificial intelligence’s potential to disrupt academic practices and implications on academic integrity.

Humber News

(2023, January 24). Interview excerpts featured in the Humber News (by Mr. Upkar Singh) on the implications of ChatGPT on Academic Integrity