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Kumar, R. (2023). On my honour: A lesson plan for honour pledges, motivations for cheating, and remedies. In S. E. Eaton & R. Kumar (Eds.), Academic Integrity Lessons: Practical Ideas for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (pp. 79-82). University of Calgary.

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Kumar, R., & Kewley, C. (2022). Towards a Framework for Planning International Student Instruction. In C. Smith, & G. Zhou (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Teaching Strategies for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse International Students (pp. 18-36). IGI Global.

Kumar, R. (2022). Questioning third age learners in Ontario universities: A numeric and policy analysis. In N. Simmons & J. Podrebarac (Eds.), Adults in the academy: Voices of lifelong learners (pp. 127-141). Brill. DOI: 10.1163/9789004506428


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Kumar, R. (2023). Faculty members’ use of artificial intelligence to grade student papers: A case of implications. International Journal for Educational Integrity19(9).

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Kumar, R. (1998). A personal view on distance education. Brock Education Journal, 8(1), 76-89.

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Non-refereed Publications

Sharma, S., & Kumar, R. (2024). GenAI: Generating administrators’ involvement. Canadian Association of Principals.