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Research Interests

Dr. Rahul Kumar, is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into Education practices while preserving academic integrity. His recent research delves into the ethical implications and transformative potential of AI in maintaining and enhancing the integrity of academic pursuits. This pioneering work not only positions Dr. Kumar as a leading figure in this emerging field but also reflects his commitment to evolving educational paradigms.

In addition to his groundbreaking work in AI and academic integrity, Dr. Kumar possesses extensive expertise in International Education, Quality in Education, and Decision-making Processes. His scholarly contributions extend to Ethics in Educational Administration, Technology in Higher Education, and the exploration of Higher Education Trends. Dr. Kumar’s profound understanding of the historical and contemporary aspects of Computing in Education further enriches his research portfolio.

Dr. Kumar’s academic journey is underpinned by a rich professional background in IT and administration, having served as a Systems Administrator, Programmer, Network Administrator, and Manager of Computer Services at a university. This diverse experience grants him a unique and comprehensive perspective on the operational and political dynamics of higher education institutions.

His multifaceted expertise and deep-rooted understanding of the educational process, from the classroom dynamics to strategic boardroom decisions, make Dr. Kumar an invaluable asset in the academic community. His research continues to contribute significantly to the understanding and advancement of educational practices and policies, both at a national and international level.